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Featured Products BaySaver Separation System

Introducing BaySaver®
Shope Concrete Products is proud to introduce BaySaver to our existing  product line. Shope Concrete Products is an exclusive Puget Sound distributor of the BaySaver® Separation System. We feel it's important to offer our customers smart solutions which address today's environmental challenges within commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Featured Product

About BaySaver
BaySaver ® is the leading technology in stormwater pollution control. For years, BaySaver has protected lakes, streams, and waterways from environmental problems. One of BaySaver's most innovative products to control non-point source pollution is the BaySaver Separation System. This system is BaySaver's flagship gravity separator product designed to efficiently and economically remove suspended solids, hydrocarbons, debris and other pollutants from storm water runoff.

How BaySaver
® Systems Work

Driven by gravity, stormwater flow enters a primary manhole for initial separation. The flow is then treated a second time in an off-line storage manhole, where oils, fine suspended solids, and floatables are collected. Since water flow is regulated into the secondary manhole, resuspension risk is minimal during higher flows. The big plus side to this system, inspectors and maintenance contractors can gain unobstructed access to the bottom of the manholes - resulting in more efficient maintenance and lower costs.

The BaySaver Spearation System was designed, from it's inception, to operate throughout the entire storm, and when properly sized will treat all flows of an average storm for any given geographic area.

Benefits of the BaySaver Separation System
This system makes meeting stormwater treatment regulations convenient and cost effective. Engineered to strict stormwater standards, this unique design yields outstanding benefits:

Highly Affordable
Easy to spec
Simple to install and maintain
Very customizable

Since the system is made entirely of concrete and HDPE, it will continue to treat stormwater runoff as long as it is adequately maintained. HDPE pipe has a guaranteed 50 year life.

Finally, this system is excellent for use in municipal retrofit situations, allowing engineers to avoid losing valuable acreage necessary to supporting other BMP's.


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How does it work?
See the system in action by viewing BaySavers online demonstrations.

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How does it install?

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