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Product Delivery

Puyallup Shope Brick, Co. 1940's

Bringing your Product to You, our Customer
Back in the day, product delivery was hard work, especially without an hydraulic boom or lift. In the photo displayed at the left, Puyallup Shope Brick Company shows off it's 6 ton load of building tile, all loaded by hand. Once the 6 tons of tile were delivered to the jobsite, you guessed it, each and every tile was offloaded by hand. Fortunately today, Shope has more than hands to load and offload concrete products.

From Yard to Jobsite
When your order is ready to go, we're ready to deliver. On schedule delivery is a promise we like to keep with our customers.

So, how does our delivery system work? Here's a photo timeline of an order delivered to a customers jobsite in Lacey, WA.


From the Office  8:50AM
Confirm order to driver


To the Yard  9:15AM
Notify yardman
Locate job specific items


Loading  9:30AM
Loading truck and trailer
Secure the load


On the Road  10:15AM
To the onramp, I-5 South
Exit I-5, entering development


To the Jobsite  11:05AM
Locate Jobsite
Find the Project Manager
Confirm delivery drop area


Prep to Offload  11:15AM
Ready the controller
Stabilize for offloading
Clear the Boom
Release the load


Begin Offloading  11:30AM
Drop at specified area
First item offloaded
Easy does it
Delivered on time
Standard Terms and Condition of Sales
Before signing a final bid and accepting delivery, please review the Standard Terms and Condition of Sales document on the back of your invoice.


Delivery Facts
Delivery Radius Map

Click to view map

All full size truck and trailer loads within Western Washington are delivered free of charge within a 50 mile radius from point of origin. Additional delivery charges may apply for destinations beyond 50 mile radius of origin.
A full size truck load = 30,000 lbs. or 15 tons

NOTE: Customers that do not meet the minimum requirement may incur a charge.