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Shope Concrete Products is a Western Washington manufacturer and wholesale distributor of precast concrete pipe, manholes, catch basins, and other related concrete products. We provide local, state, federal, and regional contractors products and solutions for underground infrastructures in residential and urban communities, businesses, streets, roads, and freeways.
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Why buy from Shope Concrete?

Competitive pricing
Quality concrete products
Customer Service you can count on
On-time delivery


Shope Products Featured in PNPCA Manhole Info Brochure
The Pacific Northwest Precast Concrete Association brochure features manhole information on structural performance, quality, economics, risk management, durability, and design.

Shope Satellite Images by USGS

Long before there was Goodle Maps, with the help of USGS, in 2001 we were provided some amazing detailed images of our plant from far above.

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What To Do Before You Dig

The reason for taking the time and effort to call before you dig is simple, it is required by Section 19.122 of the Revised Code of Washington. Keeping buried utilities safe from damage caused by digging is a responsibility shared among:

Designers of the Installation
Owners of Buried Lines
Locators and Markers
Anyone Digging Near the Lines

To speak with a One Call Center personnel, simply call: 1-800-424-5555 to start the process.

For more information, visit the 'Call Before You Dig' website.



Each quarter we feature one of our valued suppliers, highlighting what they do best. This quarters featured supplier is:

Lane International Corporation
is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, just 5 miles south of Portland in Tualatin, Oregon.

Lane International has been manufacturing quality products for the precast concrete industry for over 30 years. Shope Concrete Products is dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in step & ladder designs and safety features.

Lane International introduced the innovative Lane Polypropylene Manhole Step with molded hand grips and bright red reflectors. These extra safety features make the Lane Polypropylene Step a superior product.


Solutions for our Environment


Predl Systems Manhole Base Liners

More aggressive corrosion can be expected when septic conditions exist, which may result in corrosive destruction to concrete bases. The GU Manhole Base liner is the ultimate containment system for protecting and increasing the life of your manhole base from microbial induced corrosion.


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