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Our online Product List is provided to you as a comprehensive items list and weight totals for our product line. Item price totals have been removed from each document. Due to competitive pricing, we cannot publish the exact price of each item. If you need specific price quotes on our products, please call 253.848.1551.

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Product List & Weight Totals
Page Document Title   Download
7 48", 54" Precast Manhole 7
8 60", 72" Precast Manhole 8
9 84", 96" Precast Manhole 9
10 Additional Manhole Items Ladders & Steps, Gaskets, Lube, Grade Rings 10
11 Additional Manhole Items, Pre-Channels & Additional Components 11
12 Concrete Catch Basins & Inlets 12
13 Parking Lot Catch Basins & Area Drains 13
14 Seattle Catch Basins 14
15 Air Tested Concrete Pipe, Rubber Gasket Joint, C-443 15
16 Non-Tested Concrete Pipe, Rubber Gasket Joint, C-443 16
17 Concrete Culvert Pipe, Non-Rubber Gasket Joint 17
18 Short & Beveled End Concrete Pipe, Rubber Gasket Joint, C-443 18
19 Perforated Pipe & Gaskets, ASTM C-444, D7, C-443 Gaskets 19
20 Bell Plugs, Rubber & Non-Rubber Gasket 20
21 Pipe Fittings, Non-Reinforced, Rubber Gasket Joint C-433 21
22 Pipe Fittings, Reinforced, Rubber Gasket Joint C-433 22
23 Municipal Castings, Rectangular, 20" x 24", 18" x 24" 23
24 Municipal Castings, Rectangular & Miscellaneous 24
25 Municipal Castings Round 25
26 Miscellaneous Product, Sealants, Trench & Grates, Rebar, Mixes, Brick 26
27 Miscellaneous Product Septic Risers, Curb Stops, Hydrant/Guard Posts,
28 Kor-N-Seal, Wedge Korband, Flexible Pipe-to-Manhole Connector S106,
S406 Series
29 Kor-N-Seal II, Flexible Pipe-to-Manhole Connector, Connector Assembly 29
30 Kor-N-Seal Details 30
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At this time we are designing a new product catalog [2017] Release to be announced soon!